Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ocean Views

I love the water. Next to being around horses, being in or near the water is my second-favorite place. The Redwoods vacation did not disappoint -- there were plenty of ocean views, overlooks and beach stops. Add in some tide pool exploration, a lighthouse, and a picnic lunch in the sand, and it's pretty much perfect. (Except for the snake I saw slither by our first picnic stop. Don't worry -- we moved pretty quickly!) 

The first day (the day my camera battery died!), we explored Jedediah Smith State Park (see this post) and then after getting a late lunch at the Good Harvest Cafe, we drove south on 101 to explore a little more! It didn't disappoint. 

Highway 101 is winding and steep and goes off into the redwood forest in parts of the drive. It's a beautiful, scenic drive. There are a lot of turn-offs, roads to trails, and camp roads and it's very tempting to take every. single. one. of them! The ones we chose were beautiful, even when it was foggy. There were times when we were above the blanket of fog, and it was neat to see. 
Crescent Beach Overlook 7.15.2014
Klamath River Overlook 7.15.2014
Wilson's Creek Beach 7.15.2014
Wilson's Creek Beach 7.15.2014
Wilson's Creek Beach 7.19.2014
Wilson's Creek Beach -- the black sand was awesome! 7.19.2014
Sunset at Crescent City Harbor. There's nothing like an ocean sunset. 7.15.2014 I didn't get a lot of sunset photographs because it was foggy most of the time the sun was setting! 
Battery Point Light in Crescent City, during high tide. You can walk up to the islet during low tide, which we did. The lighthouse was built in 1856 and is still in operation, although as a private aid to navigation.
Crabby (found in the tide pools near the lighthouse) 7.17.2014
Anemone in the tide pool. And no, I didn't drop my camera in the water! 7.17.2014 
Last view of the Pacific beaches 7.20.2014
Next blog: Fern Canyon and Avenue of the Giants! 

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