Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Weekend Adventures: Afternoon at the Field Museum

This weekend's adventure was on a Monday afternoon, but since it was a holiday, it was technically a three-day weekend! A group of Chicago Instagramers met up at the Field Museum for an IgersChicago photo walk and scavenger hunt. We were far from the only ones at the museum. February is free admission for Illinois residents at the Field Museum, and Monday was also President's Day, so it felt like every family in Chicago was stuffed into the museum -- and on the #146 bus from the downtown loop! 

I took the bus from downtown, and the bus was standing room only; people were turned away at the last stop. I didn't get a seat, which was a bit nerve-wracking for someone who can't hear and has bad balance. First, I can't hear someone behind me asking me to move, heycanyoumove, MOVE!!!! when he or she wants to get off the bus. No matter how alert I try to be (without making too much eye contact!), I end up blocking someone's exit. It happened yesterday, and the woman was not pleased with how "rude" I was for not moving outta her way in a timely manner. Whatever. Second, if you've ever been on a city bus, you know they lurch and slam on the brakes like there's no tomorrow. If you're an experienced rider or have the balance of a surfer -- no problem. Me? I hang on and don't let go. I don't really care if I look like a greenhorn who's never been in the city; I don't want to fall into some nasty stranger on the bus. But riding a crowded city bus full of grumpy people sure beat walking all the way from downtown in subzero temperatures! 

Anyways. Field Museum. I'm ashamed to say I've lived in Chicago for three years and this was the first time I'd set foot in the museum. It's an architectural beauty. Light and airy, but still packed with an enormous amount of history. There's still a week and a half left in February; I will have to try to go at least one more time this month. Even if I don't make it for the free admission, I'd really like to check out the Vodou exhibit

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