Wednesday, February 11, 2015

8x8 Gallery // 365 Project: Week 6

I've committed to a photo-a-day project this year. Three hundred sixty five photos. Every single day. No latergrams (what we call photos taken more than a day earlier in the Instagram world). The project was inspired by Myk Little, one of several photographer friends I've made via the Instagram community in Chicago. 

Jagged 36/365

Canyon Gold 37/365 (LaSalle Street and the Chicago Board of Trade Building in downtown Chicago during golden hour.) 

Exploring the Morton Arboretum via snowshoes. 38/365

Had a nice Sunday run at the arboretum. It's hard to believe we had a blizzard less than a week ago! 39/365

My favorite thing about Mondays? Monday night yoga class! 40/365

Runaway. The back yard is a mess from snow thawing and re-freezing, so Baxter can't get around in it very well right now. Since he needed some exercise and I needed some fresh air, we went to the park in search of level ground (and maybe a nice sunset). We were treated to a gorgeous sky, a nice walk, lungfuls of clear, frozen air, and Baxter got to run free & chase his tennis ball 41/365
I'm captivated by the beauty of Union Station's Great Hall every time I step into it. I hope that feeling never fades away. 42/365

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