Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Weekend Adventures: Chicago Cultural Center

This weekend's adventures took me to the Chicago Cultural Center's Preston Bradley Hall. I've been to the Cultural Center a handful of times, but somehow had never been in this side of the building! I'd been to the Healy Millet dome on the north side of the building plenty of times, but had no idea the Cultural Center was also home to the world's largest stained glass Tiffany Dome. I should probably be embarrassed to admit that, but I'm not. It's really fun to make discoveries like this. There's so much to see and do in Chicago that it's impossible to know -- and do -- everything. Discovering it is the fun part!

The room the dome is in was closed for a private party when we were there, so I couldn't explore the room or take photos directly underneath the dome. My photos from this visit didn't turn out all that great, and they don't do the dome justice. I was playing with the manual camera settings and messed up. I ended up editing these photos in HDR to try and salvage them. I plan to go back and take more photos and figure out what I'm doing wrong with the camera, as well as enjoy the beauty of the space. It's a gorgeous location.

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