Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Weekend Adventures: Waterfall Glen

The weather this weekend was perfect fall weather. Picture perfect. I had no concrete plans, and decided I needed to go hiking somewhere I hadn't been yet. I randomly chose Waterfall Glen, a forest preserve fairly close by. It was a last-minute decision, so I just threw some KIND bars and water in my backpack along with an extra layer and (duh) my camera and took off. 
The main attraction @ Waterfall Glen.
 A lot of people had the same idea as I did. I did a lot of standing around (loitering!!) in order to get some of these "empty" shots. Even with other people around, it was a peaceful outing. I love being outside -- it's my way of hitting the reset button.

Played with the shutter speed to get this one! Proud that I figured it out. Part of the fun of photography is fiddling with the manual settings. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't -- that's how you learn.

Golden. (Confession: this one's my favorite.)

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