Monday, June 8, 2015

8x8 Gallery // 365 Project: Week 20

I've committed to a photo-a-day project for 2015. I may not always post them to Facebook or Instagram, but they'll be collected and archived here on the blog and I plan to print them all out. It's fun to see how the year unfolds. Here's week 20: 

134: Queen of the Hill

135: Dodging Raindrops

136: One of the few historical buildings in Pierce City, Missouri, that survived the May 2003 tornado, this building was both a firehouse and city hall. It's now on the National Register of Historical Places, but it's privately owned. 

137: Pause

138: Quality Time

139: Exploring the Shawnee National Forest on horseback

140: Taking a break from the saddle to check out the heights at the Garden of the Gods

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