Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Chicago Adventures: Playing Tourist in Chicago | Part I

Last week, I played tourist in Chicago as I showed a first-time visitor the Chicago sights! The Chicago weather wasn't very welcoming for most of her trip, so she was treated to a lot of fog and indoor views. 

Fortunately, Chicago is rich with culture and food, so we never ran out of places to go or things to eat. (She'll just have to come back so we can do the outdoor things we didn't get to do, like take an architectural boat cruise on the river, go up on the ferris wheel on Navy Pier, and do more walking tours of the city!) 

Both my camera card and phone are jammed with photos -- S. is still waiting for me to send her photos. (I did send her photographic proof she went on the TILT at 360Chicago, though!) 

The weather on the first day started out fairly nice, so we headed out to Millennium Park for the obligatory Bean photo:  

We also explored the new (and still in-progress) Maggie Daley Park

And popped into the Chicago Cultural Center to see the glass domes

We topped off the evening with some dessert! 
Tuesday morning, it was damp and chilly. We decided to head to the Field Museum -- a perfect rainy day adventure. But first, some caffeine and nourishment. I decided to zip out to the Whole Foods across the street from the hotel to grab some food. It's a good thing I put on a spot of makeup before I headed out -- Chicago Fire was blocking out a scene right outside the front door of our hotel! The crew was really friendly. (No Jesse Spencer sighting; they were just setting up how they would film a scene & would do the actual filming on Saturday.) 

We checked out the Vikings exhibit at the Field Museum. Very interesting -- loved this piece of silver! 
After the museum, we chilled at the hotel a bit then headed back to the Cultural Center to see if the Bradley Preston Hall was open (it wasn't, but we were still able to take a few photos), then headed to Macy's on State Street. There's a Macy's closer to our hotel on Michigan Avenue, but the Macy's on State Street is the one you want to visit when in Chicago because of its historical aspect! We had dinner at the Walnut Room -- wonderful atmosphere and the best chicken pot pie I've ever had! 

More to come!! Thanks for reading! 

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