Wednesday, March 4, 2015

8x8 Gallery // 365 Project: Week 9

I've committed to a photo-a-day project this year. Three hundred sixty five photos. Every single day. No latergrams (what we call photos taken more than a day earlier in the Instagram world). The project was inspired by Myk Little, one of several photographer friends I've made via the Instagram community in Chicago. Here's week 9: 

57/365: Do I have something on my face? Glad someone is enjoying the snow! 

58/365: Happy Mail. I won a set of 6x6 prints from PrintShop at the last IgersChicago meetup, and they arrived in the mail. I love them! The museum-quality prints are top-notch, and I'm planning on ordering more prints soon. 

59/365: Standing Alone

60/365: Today was better than yesterday. 

61/365: Happy I've kept two pots of succulents green & alive through this l o n g winter. Going to try repotting the "pups" for a writing project soon! 

62/365: Chasing off the winter chill by making some chicken-quinoa soup in the crock pot. I have a good helper in the kitchen! 

63/365: Frozen. Although we've had some beautiful sunsets this winter, let's be honest.... I can't wait until it's warm enough to stay out and take photos without freezing my fingers and other body parts! Just a few more days! 

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