Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Weekend Adventures: Through The Horse's Ears

A winter getaway is always nice, especially when the sun never stops shining, the views are incredible, and you get several hours of quality time in the saddle almost every day! I spent 9 days in Apache Junction, Arizona, visiting my mom earlier this month and lucked out with amazing weather and good horses to ride. I rode all over the Superstition wilderness area, hiked up the mountain (more on that later), soaked up the Arizona sun and -- of course -- took a ton of photos. I didn't take the "big camera" with me on the rides, since they were pretty rough, instead opting to take a little point and shoot camera. It got the job done! Sure, quite a few photos turned out blurry, but I did get some cool shots, and memories are forever. Here are a few quick shares from "between the horse's ears:"        

Heading out on my first ride of the trip -- 5 hours in the Superstition Wilderness. After not riding for 8 months, let's just say I was sore the next day!

BLUE skies.

Rojo -- my ride for day #1

Shirley led all of the rides -- she knows the trails around Superstitions like the back of her hand!
Looking back as we climbed one of many mountains. The Superstitions are peeking out in the distance.

Admiring the view at one of the many overlooks!

One of the narrow, winding passes where I wasn't afraid of dropping my camera!

Riding into what our group called the "Gene Autry Canyon" It was beautiful!

Riding up an easy leg of Hackberry Trail. We ended up climbing about 4,000 feet on this ride.

Lots of green this year!

Yet ANOTHER vista -- note the tiny ribbons of trails down below.

Heading home on my last ride.

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