Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Stone Arch Bridge

I found a path down to the river bank to snap this shot. Would have loved to stick around for a night shot! 

A quick visit to Minneapolis-St. Paul gave me a few spare hours to play tourist in the state I used to live in. My first stop was the Stone Arch Bridge in the historic Mill District of Minneapolis.

Built in 1882-1883, the limestone and granite bridge was originally a railroad crossing over the Mississippi & built by James J. Hill. It's the only arched stone bridge on the Mississippi River.

When I lived & worked in the Twin Cities area, I didn't spend much time here (it wasn't anywhere near as popular then as it is now!) and I wasn't very into photography. How things change in 14 years!

Peeking out from under one of the arches and out to Gold Medal Flour.

Looking back at the Minneapolis skyline at dusk. 

Admiring the golden hour view from on the bridge. 

The curve of the Stone Arch Bridge was unheard-of in the 1880s. It's withstood more than a century. 

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