Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vikings Fans in Illinois?

Skol! I'm a happy football fan. Even though I haven't lived in Minnesota for more than a decade, I'm still a diehard Vikings fan. And I feel like I'm the only one in Illinois sometimes! 

You cannot buy any Vikings gear in this state. Believe me, I've looked! I'm taking advantage of a Twitter promotion tonight & ordering a sweatshirt. There are also no other Vikings fans at the sports bars around here. It's a little intimidating to walk (alone!) into a sports bar full of people wearing Bears colors. The purple kind of sticks out. 

Today, I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Vikings-49ers game, which was at the same time as the Bears-Rams game. I've been to this spot a few times and never had any problem finding a place to sit at the bar. However, this time was different! I got there about 10 minutes before game time, and the bar island was packed. I ended up getting a table in the bar area and got a manager to switch the tv near me to the Vikings game. I was a happy camper. Especially when we won! 

The Vikings are 2-1 so far this season. And so are the Bears. I guess the Chicagoland-area sports bars will be packed for at least another week. Just look for the only girl wearing purple -- that'll be me! 

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